Permanent Makeup in Vancouver


Imagine waking up every morning looking fresh and naturally beautiful.

Permanent makeup uses a rotary pen and Microblading uses a handheld tool to implant pigment into the skin to enhance your features. Both techniques used to naturally imitate makeup such as eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner and lip colour. However, Microblading is a technique used to simulate the eyebrow hair.

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Who can benefit?

  • Anyone wanting the convenience of a wash and wear face.
  • Athletes and active individuals who want their makeup to withstand perspiration, pool use, etc.
  • People with sparse brow/lash growth.
  • People with asymmetrical lips or faded lip colour.
  • Contact lens wearers.
  • People with allergies to conventional makeup ingredients.
  • Those with difficulties applying makeup due to vision loss, arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s and other conditions.

Enhance brows that are too light, too thin, sparse or non-existent.


Defines eyes with a solid line. Cat eye or tail liner creates an elegant enhancement.

Lip Liner and Fill

Brightens lip colour and enhances lip shape and size. It is also a good solution for asymmetrical lips.


Corrects colour, tone and poor application.


How long does the procedure take?

The initial treatment takes approximately 90 minutes. A touch-up application appointment will be necessary approximately 6 weeks later.

Is it painful?

Usually, clients will experience some discomfort with minimal swelling. The sensation can be compared to tweezing. Typically, a topical anaesthetic is used to minimize discomfort. For lip colouring, injectable anaesthetic (dental block) is recommended and will be discussed during your consultation.

What about people with skin allergies?

Permanent makeup is a good option for women who have allergies to cosmetic make-up, but usually the procedure is used to just enhance features using individually mixed pigments customized for each person so that it will appear more natural.

What is involved in the recovery?

Slight swelling and redness typically subsides within 24-48 hours. Periodic application of ice for 5 minutes at a time will reduce inflammation. A&D Ointment, Cetaphil Barrier Cream and/or coconut oil should be applied for 5 days after the procedure to keep the area moist and facilitate healing.

Most clients are able to return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. For the first couple of days, we recommend refraining from makeup and contact lens use and avoiding direct sunlight, swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes/oceans, etc.

Are there any risks?

Allergic reactions and infections as a result of permanent makeup procedures are rare.  Avalon Transformations follows strict protocol to ensure your safety:

  • Needles come in single, sterile packages and are disposed of immediately after use.
  • Protective surgical gloves (latex free) are worn by the technician.
  • Fresh, highest quality pigment and disposable pigment containers are used for each client.
  • Hospital grade disinfectant is used to clean all surfaces.
Does the procedure require an anesthetic?

In many cases, permanent makeup does not require any type of anesthetic, but topical creams are available for use during permanent makeup application. Injectable anesthetics are used for lip coloring and areolas are administered by a dentist or doctor, which is arranged by the patient prior to coming to Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing.

Is the procedure reversible?

Yes, Avalon Transformations uses a highly effective tattoo removal product. However, clients should carefully consider whether permanent makeup is the right choice before getting the procedure.

Who performs the procedure?

Alanna Lane is the only Certified Micropigmentation Technician at Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing and therefore, the only one who performs this procedure.

What is micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup)?

Micropigmentation is an ancient Asian beautification practice that acts as permanent makeup. Minute, metabolically inert pigment granules are implanted below the skin (epidermis) for either cosmetic or corrective enhancement. The needles penetrate the skin a few millimeters, very similar to a tattoo.

Permanent makeup has become popular around the world, not just in Asia, for enhancing facial features such as eyebrows, lashes, and lips. It is also used to improve conditions like scarring and uneven pigmentation (uneven pigmentation), scars from cleft palates and to reconstruct the nipple/areola breast area.

What are the benefits?

Permanent makeup allows people to enhance their natural beauty with a lasting application. It is a practical solution for busy women who don’t want to have to apply make-up every day. Athletes prefer the application because it won’t smudge or smear with perspiration and it is not washed off in the pool or shower. Older women whose vision has become impaired and have difficulty putting on their make-up by themselves may prefer a permanent application.

Can I get the permanent make-up while in medical treatment for cancer?

Yes, many cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and experience severe hair loss appreciate the ability to retain their natural appearance with permanent makeup.

How do you ensure a clean and sterile environment?

1. Needles come in single sterile packages used on each individual and disposed of immediately after being used.

2. Plastic protective rubber surgical gloves (latex free) are worn by the technician.

3. Fresh pigment and disposable pigment containers are used for each client.

4. Hospital grade disinfectant is used to clean environmental surfaces.

Will the colours look different once I leave the spa?

The permanent makeup room has a large window that lets in plenty of natural light so that an accurate colour match can be made.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup lasts for a period of time but not forever and depends on each individual. Longevity varies depending on depth of pigment, colour chosen, skin type, lifestyle and post procedure care. Touch-ups will maintain a fresh look.


  • Eyebrows

    This includes Microblading, Powder Brow, Ombre Brow & Combination Brow

  • Eyeliner (Top)

    This includes Lash Enhancement & Solid Line (add a tail/wing is another $175)

  • Eyeliner (Bottom)

    Solid Line only

  • Eyeliner (Top & Bottom)

  • Lips

    Lip liner & fill, lip blush

  • Lip Touch Up

  • Beauty Mark

  • Touch Up

    from $175
  • Re-fresh

    from $350
  • Cosmetic Correction, Secondary Work
    and Paramedical Tattoo (Areola)

    from $500

Are you looking for a permanent makeup treatment in Vancouver?

Look no further than Avalon Transformations.